When I work with clients and interact in professional contexts I strive to create an inclusive, safe, non-judgemental, inspiring and thought-provoking environment. I bring curiosity, presence, structure and a mindset based on collaboration, co-creation and growth, into every coaching partnership and every situation. I understand and read the dynamic with an individual as well as with a group, to be able to adapt and to be agile depending on the situation.

I believe this approach is essential to create win-win solutions and seeing opportunities for everyone to learn and grow and it is extremely helpful when it comes to creating professional trust. I gained this experience during my years in the Educational sector. Try getting a 17 year old to participate, share learnings and show vulnerability in a classroom if there is a lack of trust, connection and empowering expectations. To say that it will be a struggle is an understatement.

I think it’s safe to say that the same principles goes for any leader and their followers and this is why I’m so passionate about coaching Emerging Leaders and Talents. It is a part of my mission to develop The Next Generation of Leaders who bring authenticity to the table and lead others to great achievements using their heart, their mind and their gut to do so. When I support my clients in raising their awareness, becoming fearless and more confident, I do just that.

My journey as an emerging leader (3m 46s)

  • Certified Professional Coach with one of the world’s leading Coach Training Institutes (iPEC)
  • Associate Certified Coach ACC with International Coaching Federation
  • Courses in Change Management  Motivational Interviewing and Organisational Psychology
  • Deputy Head Sweden, JENSEN EDUCATION
  • Teacher and Head of Department