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Unfolding Success specialises in coaching Emerging Leaders and Talents to support their growth, propel their performance and help them reach their highest potential through raised awareness, fearlessness and confidence.

Why leadership coaching

There is no shortage of challenges facing today’s leaders, whether it’s demanding customers, tight budgets, recruiting the right people, adapting to change and getting your team onboard or struggling with your own confidence and energy levels. The list goes on…

Right now you might struggle to keep your team engaged and productive, or spend all your time putting out fires. This might cause a growing frustration because you feel there is not enough time for the important things… Like figuring out how to motivate your team in a sustainable way and how to create a positive, innovative and high performing culture. The frustration comes creeping up because you know how important this is. Culture eats Strategy for breakfast, remember.

The short answer to how to approach these challenges is that everything you need, to be successful and to lead your team in a fearless, conscious and confident way, lies within YOU. The trick is to understand how to unlock it.

Coaching is increasingly recognised as an essential part of professional and personal development and in 2022 professional coaching is one of the fastest growing markets in the world. More than 40% of Fortune 500 companies use coaching as a Learning & Development resource and 86% of the companies who do, see increased productivity and higher levels of employee performance, engagement and satisfaction. Other positive effects that are recognised as a result of coaching are growth in Revenue & Sales and higher employee retention.

Studies show that 80% of people who receive coaching report increased self-confidence and over 70% benefit from improved work performance, stronger professional relationships and better communication skills! This greatly impacts the success of the leader and the company as well as it has an incredible effect on the individual’s overall feeling of life satisfaction.

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In the downloadable PDF you will find the most recent research and why Emerging Leaders and Talents are worth investing in.



step one By doing the well recognised and researched Energy Leadership Index Assessment ™ (ELI) you will be introduced to the invaluable knowledge about the 7 Levels of Leadership. Each level is exponentially higher and more powerful than the one before it. The ELI is also available as a 36o version.
Step two Based on the insights from your ELI, your unique leadership skills and your vision, we will define goals for coaching and align them with your sponsor/boss. This goal setting process identifies which specific leadership skills you want to improve, to become a more confident, authentic and fearless leader who operates at his/her highest potential.
sTEP three By establishing a strong partnership based on trust, objectivity and non judgement we start the creative process which will inspire you to maximise your personal and professional potential. We focus on the present, create sustainable solutions and actions which moves you forward to improve performance and reach your goals.
GOAL Raised awareness  Fearlessness  Confidence


Great awareness is the foundation for change and personal development. All individuals view the world through filters based on our unique experiences, values, learnings and beliefs. Knowing yourself and understanding your filters is the first step to mastery and high performance. In order to be on top of your game, you must be completely aware of what is happening around you and within you at every moment.

Confidence is essential to reaching your potential as a leader and instead of waiting for something to happen to bring you confidence, you can create it. The most common belief and method to gain confidence is by doing and succeeding, and experience can absolutely breed confidence. A more powerful and sustainable approach though is that confidence comes from within and our power and performance is connected to our mindset, attitude and thoughts.

Being fearless means that you fully trust yourself and others around you, you are transparent, honest and vulnerable and you are not afraid to take calculated risks or to make mistakes. Learning and growing is a part of your core. When you are fearless you are bold and believe in your ability just as much as you believe in others. You have a vision and a mission, which is aligned with your values, to create a better world, using collaboration, co-creation and innovation to do this. There is no such thing as failure in the world of fearlessness!


Anna has been amazing in helping me navigate through a difficult period at work. I was bored, unhappy and very frustrated with my managers. I could not see a way forward without quitting my job or reducing my work hours. Through some carefully supported exploration into my past career experiences Anna helped me to see a way through my frustrations, understand my blockers and identify changes that I could make that would help me. Anna’s insightfulness, patience and support meant that I gained the confidence to ask for what I wanted and steer my job into a more challenging and rewarding role. I’m now much happier at work and no longer want to quit, I was even recently given a promotion! Without Anna’s support and guidance I would not have achieved this!


Team leader, Kenilworth

My strongest moment with Anna was a day when I was stressed in my head, heart and soul. I had spent the whole day preparing for a big task, and much of my brain power and energy was used telling myself I was going to fail and feeding myself imaginary truths about how bad I was. I was so up in the air mentally and emotionally that I did not know if I could do the session. But we did, and I shared exactly how I felt. 38 minutes into the conversation (I remember the time so well!) Anna says something that makes the whole concrete block fall from my shoulders. I start smiling uninhibited, tears fill my eyes, I feel relieved – yes, excited and instead of dreading tomorrow I look forward to it. I have carried this moment with me ever since. I think about how our brains and thoughts can affect our mood and it is so easy to get stuck. Sometimes you just need someone who guides you, in a competent and energising way, asks the right questions and listens, to be able to get “unstuck” and move forward. For me, it was Anna.


Journalist and Entrepreneur, Gothenburg

I have been fortunate to work with Anna as my coach over the period of 3 months. During the process we focused on multiple facets of my life – personal development, relationships, ageing & wellbeing, career, spirituality, and enjoyment. Along my coaching journey, Anna helped me connect with my true self, understand my values and beliefs and how they impact what I do and how I feel, and how I can put more attention and intention into living a fulfilled life. Anna is a natural born coach, she is intuitive, curious, inquisitive, and always makes it a point to be her client’s greatest champion. Her being part of my life has been a true blessing.


HR Business Partner, Slovakia

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