Work with Anna

I work with leaders who love to learn, to grow and be of service to others. Leaders who are ready to see their success unfold and to lead themselves and others to top performances.
So, if you are a leader who wants to:

  • Improve your performance without compromising your work/life balance
  • Apply a growth mindset to learn from every experience and grow your confidence
  • Be a leader who empowers your team through high expectations, autonomy, engagement, empathy and co-creation
  • Access your authentic leadership style based on your skills, values and vision
  • Become more innovative and create win-win solutions for all involved

To work with me you have to be fully committed to the process, transparent and open to learn from the insights you have. This is essential to improving your professional and personal life. I will be your supportive, encouraging and honest accountability partner and I will join you on this transformational journey.

“Each moment describes who you are, and gives you the opportunity to choose if that is who you want to be. The greatest freedom is the freedom of choice” – Bruce D. Schnieder

Three reasons for professional coaching (1m 30s)

If you work with me

  • You will raise your awareness about yourself and others which will improve your communication skills, your professional relationships, your performance and your confidence.
  • You will become aware of your skills and strengths (using the model to the left), utilise them and excel, as well as identifying and filling the gaps.
  • You will be empowered and connected with your authentic leadership style and leading others will take less effort.
  • You will be more inspiring, engaging and supportive to your team and enable them to be high performing and motivated. 

Keep in mind that your strengths and gifts are unique to you. There is no right or wrong way to lead – there are just more or less effective ways. If your approach doesn’t feel authentic to you – it is not going to work in the long term and you’ll probably feel exhausted and overwhelmed by the pressure of it all. There is no “one-size fits all” in leadership but through coaching you’ll be able to find the true fit for YOU. 

Being aware of how our thoughts create our reality and how we perceive situations, interactions and ourselves is key to living a more satisfying life. Our thoughts, interpretations and assumptions determine the “facts” about a situation.

These “facts” trigger certain emotions, and the way we feel about something generates our behaviour and we choose to take specific actions based on this. Sometimes our thoughts are serving us and sometimes not.


I provide a wide range of services which are all customised and created according to the customer’s needs and specifications to optimise the impact and value created!

1:1 Coaching

Unfolding Success offers a tailor made coaching program with a cutting edge coaching approach. The coaching partnership start with the well recognised and researched Energy Leadership Index Assessment™ to provide a baseline of where you are today regarding your: 

  • Your current potential leadership ability 
  • Your current energy profile 
  • Your current level of awareness of your own thoughts and emotions 

To move forward we’ll work through different topics and raise your energy levels for any challenge you might face and create sustainable solutions through new mindsets and habits!


Taking part in my MasterClass means that you will have all of the benefits from coaching and the Energy Leadership Index Assessment™ and at the same time build a network of like minded, professional Emerging Leaders and Talents. You’ll be inspired by others and you will be held accountable for your progress through the support of this MasterClass. You will experience: 

  • 8 flexible learning modules focusing on the most inspiring leadership skills – weekly digital group coaching calls 
  • 2 one-to-one sessions 

Surround yourself with people who all want to grow and understand what it means to be the best version of themselves!


Something magical happens when people come together to collaborate, co-create and learn as a group. New mindsets are created and actions are designed, trust is built and motivation is growing. Thanks to my extensive teaching and leadership background I know what it takes to facilitate workshops which generate high levels of inclusion, motivation and activity. The most requested topics are: 

  • Building Highly Effective Teams 
  • How to create a Unique Vision based on your business’s Values and Purpose
  • 7 Levels of Leadership

Speaker events

Bringing in an inspirational, thought-provoking speaker to your team, at the right time, can be a great accelerator for change. As a speaker I want to connect with my audience to inspire and challenge their perceptions. My professional background has provided me with invaluable skills when it comes to creating a positive, inclusive and safe environment, built on trust and high expectations. I do speaker events for small businesses, teams and business units. 

Popular topics are: 

  • 5 ways to implement and evaluate Psychological Safety in your workplace
  • Time Management – The white spaces in your calendar; that’s where the magic happens 
  • Dynamic Communication – 5 hands on tips to transform your communication skills

Sounds interesting?

In the downloadable PDF you will find the most recent research and why Emerging Leaders and Talents are worth investing in.



We needed guidance to fully understand the power of values and how to create a value-based marketing strategy for Extrahuset. The essence of Extrahuset needed to be clarified in order to communicate it in a powerful way. During the Brandkey Session, Anna helped us in creating a vision and a beacon for us to follow. It’s made a great impact on our focus and our business! Thanks Anna for your guidance and amazing skills in facilitating this workshop.


CEO Extrahuset, Gothenburg

I feel so grateful to have found Anna! She coached me for 3 months earlier this year and now supports me on an ad hoc basis. Her grounded, calm and considered style perfectly complements a busy, creative mind like mine…so much so that she has become an integral part of my decision making process and has certainly contributed to my ongoing success. I consider Anna an essential part of my personal support team!


Entrepreneur, London

In my years of working in the Corporate World, I have met very talented coaches and facilitators. Yet Anna stood out for her powerful and at the same time inviting energy that brought out the best of each participant. I particularly appreciated the way Anna created a safe and fun environment and invited all participants to truly show themselves as they really are while facilitating the growth of the group as whole. I personally felt heard and encouraged to show my talents and unique gifts to the world. Thanks so much Anna!


Change Management Consultant, Lucerne